Strategies to enhance the catalysis of CO2 reduction on Cu and Au surfaces
Ifan E.L. Stephens a
a Department of Materials, Imperial College London, United Kingdom, Prince’s Consort Road, South Kensington Campus, London, United Kingdom
Invited Speaker, Ifan E.L. Stephens, presentation 030
Publication date: 7th June 2020

The electrochemical reduction of CO2 provides a promising route to convert surplus electricity and a waste emission into sustainable fuels and chemicals. Au and Cu comprise the most promising metal catalysts for CO2 reduction, capable of producing valuable compounds such as CO, ethylene and ethanol.  I will briefly outline strategies to tune the catalytic performance of Au and Cu by (i) combining them with other metals1,2 and (ii) tailoring the morphology.3-5 We investigate extended surfaces of single crystal and polycrystalline electrodes, using electrochemical methods, gas chromatography, scanning tunnelling microscopy, and ultra high vacuum surface science methods.  I will also provide an outlook towards alternative catalytic systems, which may break free of the bottlenecks of pure metal surfaces.

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