Understanding White-Light Emission from Layered Perovskites
Hemamala Karunadasa a, Ethan Crace a, Kurt Lindquist a, Alex Su a, Michael Fayer a
a Chemistry, Stanford University, 333 Campus Dr, Stanford, CA 94305, United States
nanoGe Fall Meeting
Proceedings of Materials for Sustainable Development Conference (MAT-SUS) (NFM22)
#NANOMAT - Advances on the Understanding and Synthesis of Nanomaterials for Photocatalysis and Optoelectronics
Barcelona, Spain, 2022 October 24th - 28th
Invited Speaker, Hemamala Karunadasa, presentation 230
Publication date: 11th July 2022

In 2014 we observed white-light emission from the inorganic sheets of layered lead-halide perovskites (1). Upon UV excitation, these bulk crystalline solids emit light that spans the entire visible spectrum, similar to sunlight. These hybrid phosphors have high color rendering indices and easily tunable chromaticity coordinates. They are promising as phosphors for solid-state lighting, especially as neat large-area coatings. Recently, a number of other white-light-emitting perovskites and closely related materials have been reported, making this a burgeoning field of study (2). However, the
vast majority of layered perovskites display a narrow blue/green emission, and white-light emission remains rare, leading to the question: "what is special about the white-light emitters"? Over the past few years, we have investigated the generality of obtaining broad photoluminescence from low-dimensional metal-halide lattices (3-5). I will present our current understanding of the white-light emission mechanism, which can be applied to many other low-dimensional systems.

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