Coupled organic-inorganic nanostructures with mixed linker molecules
Florian Grassl a, Shaimaa Abdalbaqi a, André Maier b, Marcus Scheele b, Wolfgang Brütting a
a University of Augsburg, Institute of Physics, Germany, 86135 Augsburg,, Augsburg, Germany
b Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry, University of Tübingen, Germany, Auf der Morgenstelle, 18, Tübingen, Germany
nanoGe Fall Meeting
Proceedings of nanoGe Fall Meeting19 (NGFM19)
#CharDy19. Charge Carrier Dynamics
Berlin, Germany, 2019 November 3rd - 8th
Organizers: Marcus Scheele and Maksym Yarema
Poster, Florian Grassl, 366
Publication date: 16th July 2019
Coupled organic-inorganic nanostructures (COINs) utilize organic semiconductors as crosslinking ligands to facilitate charge conduction between semiconductor nanocrystals. They offer the perspective to combine efficient carrier transport with a high degree of structural order [1], as it has been successfully demonstrated in field-effect transistors [2]. A well-known and working organic ligand is 1,2-Ethanedithiol (EDT), especially with PbSe nanocrystals [3].
Here we focus on the introduction of a mixture of two organic ligands. Using the dip-coating technique of fabricating COIN layers from PbS nanocrystals with a mixture of Zinc β-Tetraaminophthalocyanine (Zn4APc) and EDT as organic linker molecules, we study the carrier transport and device performance. We compare this mixture of linker molecules with single Zn4APc- and EDT-ligands in out-of-plane devices (single-carrier-devices and solar cells) and in in-plane devices (transistors). Optical measurements show the influence of the different ligands and the mixture of both. Further we compare different PbS-particle sizes for the application in out-of-plane devices. Additional the influence of different hole-injection-layers for the device performance will be studied. 


Financial support by the DFG (Project No. Br 1728/18-1) is gratefully acknowledged.
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