An Equivalent Circuit Model to Interpret Transient and Frequency Domain Behaviour of Perovskite Solar Cell Operation
Piers Barnes a
a Imperial College London, United Kingdom, South Kensington, Londres, Reino Unido, United Kingdom
Online School
Proceedings of Online School on Fundamentals of Emerging Solar Cells (PVSCHOOL)
Online, Spain, 2021 February 10th - 12th
Organizers: Bruno Ehrler, Thomas Kirchartz and Elizabeth von Hauff
Invited Speaker, Piers Barnes, presentation 007
DOI: school.2021.007
Publication date: 29th January 2021

One approach for assessing the dynamics of charge recombination and transport processes in working solar cells is to make transient and/or frequency domain measurements of photovoltage, photocurrent and capacitance. For perovskite solar cells, interpretation of these measurements is complicated by apparently high concentrations, low mobility ionic charges in the perovskite layer in additional to free electrons and holes. I will discuss an equivalent circuit model which couples the behaviour of mobile ionic charge to the behaviour of free electrons and holes in the device. The model provides a framework for understanding transient, impedance, and capacitance measurements of metal halide perovskite devices, allowing (somewhat) useful information to be extracted from the measurements.

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