Online seminar: Properties of Perovskite Solar Cells

You are invited to participate in the online seminar on Properties of the Perovskite Solar Cells.

It will take place on Friday March 13 2020. 11:00h

The format of the seminar is a fewshort talks followed by discussion, and poster presentation.

Posters will be presented in a common room, by showing a title, list of authors and TOC, and each poster will have a separate space for discussion.

We expect a strong interaction between participants showing the latest and hottest results on:

Perovskite Photovoltaics,Optoelectronics, and Characterization techniques.In order to participate you need to submit an abstract for poster before the deadline,that is March 12 at 14 h (Madrid time).

Registration is free, but necessary in order to obtain online acces

Abstract submission

The conference papers must be submitted in English.

For abstract submission you must submitt:

(a)The text content of the conference paper,between 50 and 150 words.

(b) A Table of Contents (TOC) graphic.TOC is an illustration that describes your overall work. TOC should give the reader a quick visual impression of the essence of the contribution. Format: The aspect ratio of the image must be 16:9. The minimum dimensions are 500px (width) x 281px (height). It cannot exceed 1MB size. The supported formats are JPG and PNG.

Once you upload the abstract and the TOC, the "Submit eposter" option will be activated. The file shouldn't be more thant 1,5MB. When uploading the ePoster, a code will be assigned to each one. This code will be the indentifier of each ePoster.

ePoster contributions abstract deadline:12th March 2020, 14 h.

The presenting author is required to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the content of the abstract prior submission.

Poster Session: Discussion Spaces

The discussion will take place through a chat room on the RocketChat platform. Users can access it through the link sent by mail or through the click-to-action button that will appear at the end of the oral sessions in ClickMeeting.

Upon entering, users will find a Directory with a General Poster Hall channel and a channel for each of the ePosters.

First of all, participants have to access the General Poster Hall. All users should choose the "Speak as Anonymous" option at the bottom and register their name of user.

•    If you are a poster author, you must add the code assigned to your poster during your registration to your name. Next, they will share in the General Poster Hall the TOC, poster title and authors and invite attendees to enter the channel of their poster including the link.

•    Attendees without a poster will be able to see all the contributions from the General Poster Hall and enter the discussion channels of the posters that interest them and keep the discussion there.

The General Poster Hall is reserved for the ePosters authors to share the TOC, title and authors. The discussion of each poster will only occur on the channel assigned to the poster, where the authors will attend all the visitors and can share more information about the case of study.

You can change the discussion channel at any time from the directory or by returning to the General Poster Hall. Click Join when you enter in each channel.

You can read more detailed instructions in the Document for Participants


11:00 - 11:10 Ivan Mora-Seró

11:10 - 11:20 Francisco Fabregat Santiago. 

11:30 - Poster session


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