Conference organizers



                     Ivan Aprahamian

                     Dartmouth College

              Larissa von Krbek

               University of Bonn

Conference editor


Invited Speakers Day 1

Sesssion 1A. Supramolecular Chemistry & Materials

  • Nathalie Katsonis
    University of Groningen, NL
  • Lauren Zarzar
    The Pennsylvania State University, US
  • Peter Korevaar
    Institute for Molecules and Materials (IMM), Radboud University, NL
  • Job Boekhoven
    Technical University of Munich, DE


Sesssion 1B. Computation & bio materials

  • Martha Grover
    School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, US
  • Giovanni M. Pavan
    Politecnico di Torino, IT
  • Annete Taylor
    University of Cheffield, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering, GB
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Online Conference

The Chemical Systems Meeting took place on March the 22th & 23th 2021.

This short international symposium on systems chemistry focusses on different aspects of systems chemistry with an emphasis on oscillating and self-replicating systems, dynamic assembly, and supramolecular and dynamic covalent chemistry, and how experimental an computational methods are being used to address challenges and advance the field. The symposium aims to broadcast emerging figures in the field and facilitate discussions and collaborations between researchers from various backgrounds who use different tools in the quest to mimic and understand biological processes. The Women In Supramolecular Chemistry (WISC) network will introduce themselves. Contributed talks by ECRs are warmly welcome.

Conference topics
  • Oscillating systems
  • Dynamic covalent chemistry
  • Dynamic bio-materials
  • Systems Chemistry
  • Origin of life
  • Self-replication
Invited Speakers Day 2

Sesssion 2A. Oscillators & dynamic covalent chemistry

  • Ignacio Alfonso
    Institute for Advanced Chemistry of Catalonia, ES
  • Max von Delius
    University of Ulm, DE
  • Agota Toth
    University of Szeged, HU
  • Thomas Hermans
    University of Strasbourg, FR

Sesssion 2B. Biological and bio related systems & self-replicators

  • Melanie Chiu
    SUNY Stonny Brook University, US
  • Elisa Franco
  • Sergey Semenov
    Weizmann Institute of Science, IL
  • Dibyendu Das
    Indian institute of Science, Education and Research Kolkata, IN
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