Conference organizers
Michael Hope
EPFL, Laboratory of Magnetic Resonance, CH
Eve Mozur
Materials Department
University of California Santa Barbara, US
Conference editor


Invited Speakers
Kacper Druzbicki
Centro de Física de Materiales (CFM), ES
Jacky Even
Institut National des Sciences Appliquées, Rennes, FR
Douglas Fabini
MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
Helen Grüninger
University of Bayreuth, Germany, DE
Xiao Hua
Lancaster University
Abhoy Karmakar
University of Alberta, CA
Dominik Kubicki
University of Birmingham, GB
Yu Lin
SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, US
James Neilson
Colorado State University, US
Andrew Rappe
University of Pennsylvania, US
Roderick Wasylishen
University of Alberta, CA
Luisa Whittaker-Brooks
University of Utah, US
Dmitri Yakovlev
TU Dortmund University, DE
Tsyr-Yan Yu
Academia Sinica
Online Conference

The Online Conference on Atomic-level characterization of hybrid perovskites (HPATOM2) took place from Wednesday 2nd to Thursday 3rd of February 2022.

Hybrid perovskites and their derivatives show great promise for diverse optoelectronic applications. Optimisation of the functional properties requires an understanding of the local structure, including the effects of disorder, defects, and dynamics. These defects and dynamics remain challenging to characterize, despite their importance for understanding materials properties and degradation pathways that determine the lifetime and therefore economic viability of devices. Furthermore, although different strategies, such as surface treatments and additives, are being developed to improve functional properties, often their exact mode of operation remains unknown (e.g. incorporation, surface passivation, or phase segregation), which hampers the rational design of optimal materials. Great progress is being made to address these areas by studying the local structure via a number of techniques, including solid state NMR, neutron spectroscopy, total scattering, and other spectroscopies. This conference aimed to bring together researchers across these fields, to highlight the current state-of-the-art and determine the outstanding questions. Further, we envisaged it as a forum allowing transfer of knowledge between colleagues from different backgrounds and leading to new exciting ideas, collaborations and conceptual breakthroughs.


Topics covered on the conference:

  • Local structure of hybrid perovskites
  • Dynamics of hybrid perovskites
  • solid-state NMR of hybrid perovskites
  • Total scattering of hybrid perovskites
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