Guided tour in Jerusalem
Let us tour the holiest city in the world, from sacred traditions to everyday customs, from familiar sites to hidden corners, amidst the three religions of Jerusalem.

One City of Three Faiths – Jerusalem, a sacred city for three religions

Throughout the generations, Jews, Christians, and Muslims have cast their eyes towards Jerusalem. Over the thousands of years of its existence, Jerusalem has been sanctified for each of these three religions. The Jews established their Holy of Holies here, terming the city the “navel” of the world. The Christians recall their messiah’s resurrection and rise to Heaven in Jerusalem, and here they await his return. The Muslims mark Jerusalem as the site where Mohamed ascended to Heaven in a magical Night Journey.
Thus, with characteristic Jerusalem crowdedness, mosques, churches, and synagogues coexist in one place. They all cast their voices in prayer heavenward, in praise of the city’s holiness. And all of this is interspersed with the vibrant daily life of Jerusalem’s streets and alleyways.
We will embark on a tour of the traditions and beliefs of the city’s three religions.
Among other questions to be addressed: Why do people put notes in the Western Wall? Who is painting graffiti on the walls of Christianity’s holiest church? What name did the Muslims give to the Western Wall? And where is King David really buried?
The sites of the tour include King David’s Tomb, Zion Gate, Hurva Synagogue, rooftop views, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, and a scenic view of the Temple Mount

Get your ticket in advanced. Prebooking is mandatory!

The tour will be on Wednesday the 27.2 — from 16:00- 19:00. (After the conference is finish).

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