Maksym Kovalenko                   Quinten Akkerman
ETH Zurich, CH                           ETH Zurich, CH                          


Zeger Hens                                Raffaella Buonsanti
Gent University, BE                     EPFL, CH


Symposium 1

Tue 14th July - Light-emitting devices with Quantum dots 

Chair: Quinten Akkerman


Invited Speakers:


Symposium 2

Wed 15th July .- Quantum dots as quantum light source

Chair: Maksym Kovalenko


Invited Speakers:


Symposium 3

Thu 16th July - Quantum dots for the infrared 

Chair: Zeger Hens


Invited Speakers

Symposium 4

Fri 17th July -  Energy harvesting with Quantum dots

Chair: Raffaella Buonsanti


Invited Speakers

Important Dates

Abstracts submission deadline (oral): June 23rd

Scientific program:  July 6th

Abstracts submission deadline (ePoster):  July 10th

Poster board available for participants: July 13th

Early registration deadline:  July 12th at 12:00h UTC

Group Registration

If your Department would like to register as a group, please contact us at to find out more about our special deals.

Developing countries

If you are in an institution whose country is listed as "Developing country" (see here), contact us before registration and we will send you a reduced fee ticket.

Deadline: 12 of July, 12h UTC.

For any further information we are glad to support at 

Note: Applications will only be accepted for participants who use the official email of their institution.

Organize an online seminar

nanoGe is eager to promote the organization of online seminars. Do you have a topic? It's very easy to lauch a meetup! Just describe the topic, decide a few speakers, and fill the form.

Most important: We wish to encourage participation of both junior and senior researchers, please propose interesting research directions


Sponsored by


Poster Prizes Sponsored by
Internet Conference for Quantum Dots

You are invited to participate in the online Conference Internet Conference for Quantum Dots. It will take place from Tuesday 14th to Friday 17th July, at 08:30 UTC (10:30 CEST-Berlin-Paris).

The iCQD is an online conference that allows for exchange of knowledge and discussions about the most recent developments in the field of quantum dots, providing an excellent opportunity for chemists, physicists, materials scientists, theoreticians and engineers around the world to present and share their latest research results. The main topics of this conference are; synthesis, size shape and composition control of quantum dots and quantum dots films, photophysical and electrochemical properties of quantum dots, single photon emission, infra-red quantum dots, quantum dot based device fabrication and computational energy conversion with quantum dots.

The iCQD will consist of four themed symposia (one each day), each with renowned keynote speaker, excellent invited speakers and followed by a session of contributed talks, all ended with dedicated time for discussions. Each day will be closed with an extended discussion of ePosters, allowing anyone chance to share their work.

We welcome contributed talk and poster submissions to all themes, and more broadly about the synthesis, properties and application of quantum dots. Due to the relatively short format of the meeting (compared to convention conferences), we encourage also senior researchers to submit abstracts for contributed talks as well as ePoster.

We hope that holding such a large scale conference online allows for access to all junior and senior researchers who would like to join, removing conventional barriers of normal conferences such as traveling time and high expenses.



The main topics coverend by this conference are:

  • Synthesis, size shape and composition control of quantum dots and quantum dots films
  • Photophysical and electrochemical properties of quantum dots
  • Single photon emission
  • Infra-red quantum dots
  • Quantum dot based device fabrication
  • Computational energy conversion with quantum dots.
Submit your contribution

There will be three types of contributions:

  •  Invited speakers. Oral contribution by invitation of the organizing committee
  • Oral speakers. Oral contribution
  • ePoster

In order to present an oralcontribution you need to submit an abstract and select your preference for oral contribution. Contributed orals will be selected by the organizing committee. Oral abstracts not selected for oral will have the chance to be presented as an ePoster. For presenting an ePoster contribution it is necessary to present an ePoster before the deadline for ePoster submission.

Invited Speakers will receive an invitation via e-mail. They have to register and submit an abstract of their contribution.

Conference Timeline

Invited Speakers: starts at 08:30 UTC (10:30 CEST-Berlin-Paris) and finishes at 11:00 UTC  (13:00 CEST-Berlin-Paris)

Oral contribution: 12:00 UTC (14:00 CEST-Berlin-Paris) and finishes at 13:00 UTC (15:00 CEST-Berlin-Paris).

ePoster session starts at 14:30 UTC (16:30 CEST-Berlin-Paris) and finishes at 16:30 UTC (18:30 CEST-Berlin-Paris). However, it will remain open for the participant's interaction.

Zoom session: will be open at 08:45 UTC (10:15 CEST-Berlin-Paris) and closes with the conference closure at 16:30 UTC (18:30 CEST-Berlin-Paris).

What do I need to join?


In order to register to the conference, you need to log in nanoGe (or create an account if you are not registered yet) and buy a ticket as usually. Upload a profile picture if it is not yet in the system. You will receive the registration confirmation via e-mail.

Submit your contribution

Participants can be part of the program presenting their work to the audience through a Contributed Talk or an ePoster. Once you are registered in the conference, you will be able to submit your contribution in the Abstract Submission tab.

Join the live conference

Two hours before the start of the Oral Session, the Live Conference tab will be available at the conference website. Participants should log in and enter the tab, where they will have access to the streaming video for the Oral Session and a direct buttom to the ePoster Session platform.

Join the ePoster Session

The ePoster Session chat platform will be available during the conference through the Live Conference tab. There, a “Go to conference” buttom will be available for participants to join the chat platform at any moment. The ePoster Session starts officially after the Oral Sessions. The instructions on how the chat platform works are available in the Instructions for participants and will be explained at the end of the Oral Sessions.

Conference on demand

Registered participants will have access to the videos of the Oral Sessions on demand. Videos will be available there for registered (and logged) users. It will allow them to rewatch the best moments in case they have missed any session. nanoGe will upload the videos after the sessions and make them available in a private tab for conference members.  

For non-registered users, the conference will be available on-demand the week before the conference. Once you buy the ticket for an on-demand conference, you will have access to the videos for three months.  

ePoster Prizes

If you have submitted a ePoster, you will have the chance of winning one of our 8 ePoster prizes sponsored by the Royal Society Of Chemistry (RSC) and American Chemical Society (ACS).


ePoster Session 1 - Tue 14th July 

Best ePoster Content and Discussion: Supported by the ACS Materials Letters. Prize: 100€ (cash).

Runner-up Best ePoster Content and Discussion: Supported by the ACS Energy Letters. Prize: 100€ (cash).

Best ePoster Presentation: Supported by the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. Prize: 100€ (cash).

Runner-up Best ePoster Presentation: Supported by the journals Energy & Environmental Science and Sustainable Energy & Fuels. Prize: £200 voucher.


ePoster Session 2 - Thu 16th July 

Best ePoster Content and Discussion: Supported by the ACS Materials Letters. Prize: 100€ (cash).

Runner-up Best ePoster Content and Discussion: Supported by the ACS Energy Letters. Prize: 100€ (cash).

Best ePoster Presentation: Supported by the Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters. Prize: 100€ (cash).

Runner-up Best ePoster Presentation: Supported by Journal of Materials Chemistry A and Materials Chemistry Frontiers.  Prize: £100 voucher.


Best Video Presentation

Supported by the Nanoscale journal family. Prize: £300 voucher.

To the best poster image, following the suggested format: clarity of the ePoster for the online conference.

Best of luck!

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