Kitakyūshū-shi, Japan, 28th - 30th January 2018

Solar energy conversion by low-cost and efficient photovoltaic devices is a steadily increasing its contribution in the global demand of renewable energy. Hybrid and organic solar cells are highly promising power sources due to their significant progress in efficiency and processing technology. A paradigmatic example are Perovskite-based hybrid solar cells that have demonstrated very high performance, reaching the efficiency shown by silicon-based solar cells. [+]

Conference organizers:
Shuzi Hayase, Kyushu Institute of Technology
Juan Bisquert, Institute of Advanced Materials, Universitat Jaume I, Spain
Hiroshi Segawa, The University of Tokyo
Symposium organizers:
Jacky Even, INSA Rennes
Aditya Mohite, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Symposium organizers:
Jacky Even, INSA Rennes
Samuel D. Stranks, University of Cambridge
Benidorm, Spain, 28th - 31st May 2018

You are invited to participate in the 10th International Conference on Hybrid and Organic Photovoltaics, from 28 to 31 May 2018. For this 10th anniversary of the HOPV conference we will return to Benidorm at the coast of Allicante, Spain where the conference was first held.

In these past ten years hybrid and organic solar cells have advanced enormously in terms of efficiency, lifetime, and technology and have a true promise to become an important source of renewable energy. In addition, they present fascinating opportunities and challenges for scientific research and technological development. [+]

Conference organizers:
Emilio Palomares, Institute of Chemical Research of Catalonia and Institució Catalana de Recerca i Estudis Avançats, ES
Rene Janssen, Eindhoven University of Technology
Symposium organizers:
Arjan Houtepen, Delft University of Technology
David Egger, University of Regensburg
Symposium organizers:
Sandrine Ithurria, Ecole Superieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles
Christophe Delerue, IEMN - UMR 8520
Christian Klinke, University of Hamburg
Symposium organizers:
Shannon Boettcher, University of Oregon
Kevin Sivula, École Politechnique Fédérale Lausanne
Symposium organizers:
Laura Herz, University of Oxford
Tze-Chien Sum, Nanyang Technological University
Symposium organizers:
Joaquim Puigdollers, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya
Alejandro Perez-Rodriguez, Catalonia Institute for Energy Research IREC
Symposium organizers:
Alison Walker, University of Bath
claudio quarti, Université de Mons
Symposium organizers:
Tianquan Lian, Emory University
Mischa Bonn, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research
Symposium organizers:
Rüdiger Berger, Max Planck Institute for polymer research
Sascha Sadewasser, International Iberian Nanotechnology Labortory
Jerusalem, Israel, 25th - 27th February 2019

The halide perovskite materials have formed a new class of semiconductors with outstanding optoelectronics and photovoltaic properties. These materials have revealed a variety of intriguing physical properties leading to numerous applications. In the series of ABXPV19 and PEROPTO19 conferences the main topics of hybrid halide perovskites will be treated with special attention to the main applications.

Conference organizers:
Lioz Etgar, Hebrew University
Kai Zhu, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Paul Meredith, Swansea University,
Roma, Italy, 12th - 15th May 2019

11th edition of the International Conference on Hybrid and Organic Photovoltaics

Conference organizers:
Prashant Kamat, University of Notre Dame
Filippo De Angelis, ISTM-CNR Perugia
Aldo Di Carlo, CHOSE - University of Rome
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nanoGe Fall Meeting is a unique series of symposia focused on advanced materials preparation and fundamental properties and their applications, in fields such as renewable energy (photovoltaics, batteries), lighting, semiconductor quantum dots, 2-D materials synthesis, etc.
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Barcelona, 6 September 2017

Record-breaking South Korea scientists create Frontier Energy Solution company aiming “to take perovskite solar cells to every corner of the world”

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