The science and technology of advanced materials is a major resource of humanity to tackle global challenges. The Materials for Sustainable Development Conference is a forum for directing the knowledge and tools of science and technology of advanced materials to the areas and problems that contribute to the societal change. Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The drive for sustainability in materials science and technology encompasses alternative energy technologies to mitigate problems with fossil-fuel technologies, and to increase energy efficiency, as well as the mitigation of undesirable environmental impacts from technology and economic growth; the efficient use of materials, the formation of a healthy and safe environment, and many others. The Conference consists on a combination of symposia of basic and multidisciplinary science, and applied symposia focused on Sustainable Development areas. The following areas are highlighted:

  • Decarbonization and the green transition: Energy, industry and transportation
  • Sustainable and clean environment. Clean water, clean air.
  • Human health and safety. Diagnostic, therapeutics
  • Materials industries of the future. Manufacturing
  • Communication tools and education.

By the name of MAT-SUS (Materials for Sustainable Development) the conference will have two yearly editions, Spring Meeting and Fall Meeting.

Past and Present Editions

MAT-SUS 2023 & S-TEC 2023 - Valencia, Spain

Organizers: Emilio Palomares, Yana Vaynzof, Claudia Backes

MAT-SUS 2022 - Barcelona, Spain

Organizers: Ardalam Armin, María Escudero-Escribano, Moritz Futscher

Spring Meeting 2022 - Online

Organizers: Dmitry Baranov, James Ryan, Tanja Cuk

Fall Meeting 2021 - Online

Organizers: Sixto Giménez Julià, Nitin Padture

Spring Meeting 2021 - Online

Organizers: Jovana Milic, Bruno Ehrler, William Tisdale

Fall Meeting 2020 - Online

Organizers: Antonio Guerrero, Maksym Kovalenko

Fall Meeting 2019 - Berlin, Germany

Organizers: Antonio Guerrero, Maksym Kovalenko

Fall Meeting 2018 - Málaga, Spain

Organizers: Juan Bisquert

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