James Durrant                            Annamaria Petrozza

Imperial College London                Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia

& Swansea University, UK             Milano, IT



Trystan Watson                          Tracey Clarke

Swansea University, UK                 University College London, UK

Award-winning Posters

S1 - Perovskite Fundamentals

Best ePoster Content and Discussion:

Ms Preethi Susan Mathew, University of Notre Dame, US

Best ePoster Presentation:

Mr Artiom Magomedov, Kaunas University of Technology, LT


S2 - Characterization and Photophysics of OPV and Pervovskite Materials

Best ePoster Content and Discussion:

Dr James McGettrick, SPECIFIC – Swansea University, Materials Research Centre, College of Engineering, UK

Best ePoster Presentation:

Dr Giorgio DivitiniUniversity of Cambridge, UK


S3 - Perovskite Devices and Applications

Best ePoster Content and Discussion:

Ms Nga Phung, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie GmbH, DE

Best ePoster Presentation:

Dr James Bishop, University of Sheffield, UK


S4 - Organic Solar Cells

Best ePoster Content and Discussion:

Mr Enrique Pascual San José, Institut de Ciència de Materials de Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC), ES

Best ePoster Presentation:

Mr Daniel Balzer, The University of Sydney, AU


Best Video Presentation

Dr Simone Meroni, SPECIFIC – Swansea University, Materials Research Centre, UK


Important Information

  • Early registration and ePoster submission deadline:  May 24th  at  12:00h UTC
  • Late registration fees see here.
  • ePoster Board available for registered participants: May 25th (you should be logged in)
  • The schedule is in UTC time: This online conference will start every day at 12:00h UTC, click here to check your local time.

Meetup Conference Timeline

To access the conference log in and go to LIVE CONFERENCE tab (use Google Chrome. Tab available at 10:00h UTC).

Tue 26May 11:55h UTC (13:55 CEST-Berlin-Paris)  Online HOPV20 Opening by Prof. Durrant.

Oral sessions: start at 12:00 UTC (14:00 CEST-Berlin-Paris) and finishes at 14:00 UTC  (16:00 CEST-Berlin-Paris)

ePoster sessions start at 14:30 UTC (16:30 CEST-Berlin-Paris) and finishes at 16:00 UTC (18:00 CEST-Berlin-Paris). However, it will remain open for the participant's interaction.


Poster Prizes

Symposium 1

  • Best ePoster Content and Discussion: Materials Chemistry Frontiers 100€ (cash).
  • Best ePoster Presentation: Taylor and Francis, 1 book "Physics of Solar Energy Conversion".

Symposium 2

  • Best ePoster Content and Discussion: Sustainable Energy & Fuels 100€ (cash).
  • Best ePoster Presentation: Taylor and Francis, 1 book "Physics of Solar Energy Conversion".

Symposium 3

  • Best ePoster Content and Discussion: Materials Horizons 100€ (cash).
  • Best ePoster Presentation: Springer Nature, book voucher 100€ worth.

Symposium 4

  • Best ePoster Content and Discussion: Energy & Environmental Science 100€ (cash).
  • Best ePoster Presentation: Springer Nature, book voucher 100€ worth.

Symposium 1, 2, 3, 4

  • Best video presentation: Chemical Science 100€ (cash).
Participants discount

Developing Countries

If you are in an institution (no Industries) whose is listed as "Developing Country" (see here), before register contact us and we will send you a reduced registration fee.

For any further information we are glad to support at

Note: Applications will only be accepted for participants who use the official email of their institution.

Organize an online seminar
nanoGe is eager to promote the organization of online seminars. Do you have a topic? It's very easy to lauch a meetup! Just describe the topic, decide a few speakers, and fill the form.

Most important: We wish to encourage participation of both junior and senior researchers, please propose interesting research directions







Posters Prizes




#HOPV20 Online Conference Presentation

     You are invited to participate in the 12th Conference on Hybrid and Organic Photovoltaics, HOPV20 Online Conference, from 26th to 29th of May 2020, at 12:00h UTC / 14:00h Berlin-Madrid-CEST.

    Over the past ten years hybrid perovskite and organic solar cells have shown remarkable advances in terms of efficiency, lifetime, and processability, and are already finding initial commercial application. As such, they present both fascinating opportunities and challenges for scientific research and technological development.

    This online version of the successful HOPV conference series will comprise four complimentary sessions on consecutive days focused on four topics central to the HOPV conference series: Perovskite Fundamentals, Characterisation and Spectroscopy of Organic and Perovskite Solar Cells, Perovskite Devices and Applications, and Organic Solar Cells.

    The Oral Sessions will consist of talks by Invited Speakers with time for questions and discussion, followed each day by an extended ePoster Session. Building upon success of the previous HOPV conferences, this online conference will provide an excellent opportunity for scientists and engineers around the world to discuss the latest developments in hybrid and organic photovoltaics.

    In ePoster Session, attendees and authors can share their ideas and get feedback from their colleagues worldwide through a chatroom. All participants can join and present here their work. Due to the short format of the meeting (with few oral contributions), we encourage senior researchers to present ePoster, and of course we expect enthusiastic participation of junior researchers.


  • Perovskite solar cells
  • Organic solar cells
  • Measurement techniques and characterization
  • Preparation routes and stability issues
  • Related photovoltaic technologies, including quantum dot and dye sensitized devices
  • Complementary technologies, such as photoelectrochemical water splitting

Symposium 1

Tue 26th May - Perovskite Fundamentals

Organizer and Chairperson: Annamaria Petrozza

Invited Speakers

Symposium 2

Wed 27th May - Characterization and Photophysics of OPV and Pervovskite Materials

Organizer and Chairperson: Tracey Clarke

Invited Speakers

Symposium 3

Thu 28th May - Perovskite Devices and Applications

Organizer and Chairperson: Trystan Watson

Invited Speakers

Symposium 4

Fri 29th May - Organic Solar Cells

Organizer and Chairperson: James Durrant

Invited Speakers

ePoster Session

We encourage all participants to submit an ePoster!!! This is a novel and interisting session space where you can share and discuss your latest research with the others.

For fully obtaining the main goals of a scientific conference, the participation of many researchers presenting their ideas in a rich interactive context is necessary. ePoster is a versatile presentation of scientific information.  With ePoster format you can achieve a variety of goals according to your preference:

  • Present your work and get feedback. Give diffusion to your results
  • generate discussion on any scientific question of your interest.
  • keep up with cutting-edge research in your field
  • get clarification on research that’s important to your studies.

You can present results, technical points, suggestions or doubts about methods, or formulate a question, in order to exchange information and generate scientific progress through communication.

In the ePoster you describe the contents you propose for communication and discussion. The ePoster will be available in nanoGe conference ePoster Program page along with the abstract and your picture. You can also insert it in the assigned room in the conference chat.

In contrast to traditional static conference posters, that present a closed scientific case, ePoster for online conference is a dynamic framework to instigate the exchange of scientific ideas and information. You can be open and imaginative, provided that the normal codes of scientific exchange are respected.

What is an ePoster?

The ePoster is different than the traditional wall hanging poster. When designing and making your ePoster you should follow some basic directions

  1. Present the information so that it can be viewed quickly
  2. Make a simple design that costs you a limited amount of wor

Your ePoster will obtain visibility in the ePoster Board of the Conference (only access once registered and during the conferece period).

The ePoster Session will take place in a chat platform where you will find:

  • A Directory with a channel for each of the ePosters. ePosters will be identified with the code assigned and the surname of the author.
  • A General_Poster_Hall with some basic information about all the eposters, provided by the authors and a direct URL to join their channel.

Discussions on each poster should be carried in the assigned room. Interact with participants about the topics of your interest and visit as many ePoster discussion rooms as you are interested in through the Directory.

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