Previous research
Research Symposium 1 - Hole and Electron Transporting Layers for Perovskite Solar Cells - 12th June 2020
Duration: 2h 46m
by Sunrise

1. Dr Dimitrios Raptis (Swansea) – “Use of hole transporting materials in fully printable carbon based perovskite solar cells.”

2. Dr Praveen Naik (IISc) – “Challenges to rationally designed HTL and ETL for perovskite solar cells.”

3. Rahul Patidar (Swansea)- “Challenges with printing hole transport material in perovskite solar cells.”

4. Rudra Mukherjee (IISc) – “HOMO matched HTL for enhanced Voc in perovskite solar cells.”

5. Suer Zhou (Oxford)– “Carbolaze-based hole transport materials (HTMs) for stable perovskite solar cells.”

6. Tian Du (Imperial) - "Interplay of photoactive layers and charge transport layers in perovskite solar cells"

Research Symposium 2 - Challenges in Perovskite Tandem Solar Cells and the Road Ahead - 6th July 2020
Duration: 2h 37m
by Sunrise

1. Aranya/Ganesh - "Transient photocurrent studies to gauge and optimize recombination layers in tandem structures."

2. Vikas Sharma - "Organic perovskite tandem solar cells."

3. Saurabh Srivastava - "Challenges and strategies for pevoskite-Si tandem cells."

4. Shivam Singh - "Perovskite tandem solar cells."

5. Dr Ali Salimian - "Oxides and transparent conductors as recombination layers in tandem solar cells."

6. Melissa McCarthy - "Recombination and buffer layers for perovskite and tandem devices."

7. Suhas Mahesh - "Electronic and optical modelling of perovskite multi-junction solar cells."

8. Michael Spence - "Thin Mono-Silicon Foils for Flexible Silicon-Perovskite Tandem Solar Cells."

9. Jarla Thies - "Lead-tin perovskites for tandem cells."

Research Symposium 3 - Challenges in Energy Storage for Rural Electrification - 17th July 2020
Duration: 3h
by Sunrise

1. Dr Jenny Baker/Dr Guangling Chao (Swansea University) - "From carbon to flow batteries to life cycle assessment."

2. Dr Kingshuk Roy (IISER Pune) - "Carbide systems for Li-batteries."

3. Dr Chithambararaj Angamuthuraj (IISc Bangalore) - "Supercapacitors."

4. Mr Suman Rathod (IISc Bangalore) - "Lead Redox Flow Battery."

5. Dr Harini Hewadewage - "Energy storage for off-grid consultant - the battery - Heart of the Solar Home System."

6. Dr Hamish Beath/ Dr Philip Sandwell (Imperial College London) - "Operational strategies for solar minigrids, with the aim of maximising battery utilisation and life."

Research Symposium 4 - Solar Cell Stability and Degradation - 5th August 2020
Duration: 2h 29m
by Sunrise

1. Rahul Ranjan (IITK) - "Enhancing stability of perovskite solar cells via additive addition and grain effects."

2. Amit Bedha (IITD) - "Stability of perovskites."

3. Lin Chieh (ICL) - "Evidence for surface defect passivation as the origin of the remarkable photostability of unencapsulated perovskite solar cells employing aminovaleric acid as a processing additive."

4. Joel Luke (ICL) - "The critical role of NFA molecular structure on photostability."

5. Dr Xueyan Hou (ICL)

6. Ishan Ghosekar (JNCASR) - "Series network analysis of solar cells with LBIC and EL imaging."

7. Dr Prashant Kumar (JNCASR) - "Shining light on degradation in solar panels."

Dr Abhik Banerjee - Presentation on Solid State Batteries and the Future of Energy Storage
Duration: 1h 07m
by Sunrise
Presentation on Solid State Batteries and the Future of Energy Storage by Dr Abhik Banerjee
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