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Physics of Solar Energy Conversion


This course is based on the book Physics of Solar Energy Conversion that introduces the main physico-chemical principles that govern the operation of energy devices for energy conversion and storage, with a detailed view of the principles of solar energy conversion using advanced materials.

1. Introduction
2. The energy diagrams 
3. The Fermi level
4. The voltage and the measurement of work function
5. Surface energy levels 
6. Light absorption and emission
7. Semiconductor junctions at equilibrium
8. Semiconductor -electrolyte junction
9. Space charge and charge screening
10. Drift transport
11. Carrier injection
12. Recombination
13. Diffusion transport
14. Basic structure of a solar cell
15. Operation of a diode
16. The radiactive photovoltage
17. Factors determining the photovoltage
18. Operating a solar cell
19. Harvesting solar photons
20. Charge collection mechanisms
21. Theoretical and practical efficiency of solar cells
22. Energy levels, built-in voltage and open circuit voltage
23. Recombination and photovoltaic performance
24. Light management
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