Editors' Workshop
Sunday 23th February 17:00


The evolution of scientific publishing: how it affects journals, authors, and the research of solar energy conversion and optoelectronics

In this workshop we would like to discuss the key role of scientific publishing nowadays. We will have the chance to openly talk about this topic with expert editors from major journals of the field of perovskite solar cells and optoelectronics, and all the interested attendants.

To focus of the discussion it will be:

  1. The competition between journals.
  2. The point of view of authors.
  3. In the interest of science.


The editors that will participate in this workshop will be:

  • Brandon Sutherland (Joule)
  • Anna Troeger (Solar RRL)
  • Juan Bisquert (Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters)

Join us and get the chance to interact with the experts in these topics!

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