Welcome to Neuronics Conference!

Welcome to the Neuronics Conference that will take place at València (Spain) from the 21st to the 23rd of February 2024. 

Brain-inspired neuromorphic computing has emerged as a promising solution to overcome the computation bottlenecks in artificial intelligence (AI) applications. However, traditional CMOS technologies, which heavily relied on silicon, face significant challenges such as volatility and energy inefficiency. These obstacles have hindered the rapid progress in the field. Thankfully, recent developments in novel memory and memristive technologies, have revitalized the pursuit of efficient and high-performance neuromorphic computing systems.

This conference aims to present the current status and cutting-edge advancements in the development of neuromorphic devices that emulate biological neural processes through device physics. A particular focus will be placed on memristive technologies as a promising devices for implementing various neuromorphic functions, including artificial synapses, neurons, and dendrites. The different material platforms include conjugated polymers, hydrogels, nonmetal oxides, correlated oxides, transition metal oxides (TMOs), chalcogenides, carbon-based materials, phase change, ferroelectric materials, piezoelectric materials,magnetics materials, fluidics, and nanocomposites.

  • Artificial neurons and synapses
  • Organic and inorganic materials
  • Interfacing biological neurons and electronics
  • Ionotronics and transistors
  • Neuromorphic circuits and systems
  • Smart sensing and stimuli-responsive systems

The Neuronics Conference will be held at the Hotel Valencia Oceanic.

Access here for more information about the venue.

Conference organizers
Sabina Spiga
Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), Istituto per la Microelettronica e Microsistemi (IMM), IT
Juan Bisquert
Instituto de Tecnología Química (ITQ-UPV-CSIC)
Invited Speakers
Valeria Bragaglia
IBM Research Europe — Zurich, CH
Simone Fabiano
Linköping University, SE
Michele Giugliano
International School of Advanced Studies, IT
Andras Halbritter
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, HU
Liza Herrera Diez
CNRS-Université Paris Saclay, FR
Daniele Ielmini
Politecnico di Milano, IT
Xabier Iturbe
Ikerlan, ES
Bernabé Linares Barranco
CSIC and Univ. de Sevilla, ES
Yossi Mandel
Bar-Ilan University, Israel, IL
Paolo Milani
Università di Milano, IT
Emre Neftci
Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, DE
Francesca Santoro
RWTH Aachen University, DE
Ivan Scheblykin
Lund University, SE
Orit Shefi
Bar-Ilan University, Israel, IL
Yuchao Yang
Peking University, CN
Bilge Yildiz
MIT - Massachusetts Institute of Technology, US
Martin Ziegler
TU Ilmenau, DE
Yoeri van de Burgt
Eindhoven University of Technology., NL
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