Improving Perovskite LED Performance with Dopants
Dan Congreve a b, Mahesh Gangishetty b, Shaocong Hou b, Sebastian Fernandez a, Manchen Hu a, Qimin Quan b
a Department of Electrical Engineering, Stanford University, United States
b Rowland Institute at Harvard, Massachusetts, US, Edwin H Land Boulevard, 100, Cambridge, United States
Proceedings of Applied Light-Matter Interactions in Perovskite Semiconductors 2021 (ALMIPS2021)
Online, Spain, 2021 October 5th - 7th
Organizers: Rafael Sánchez Sánchez and Miguel Anaya
Invited Speaker, Dan Congreve, presentation 017
Publication date: 23rd September 2021

Perovskite LEDs are an exploding field, with high performance red and green devices demonstrated by many groups. Blue LEDs, however, have lagged significantly behind these two colors in both efficiency and stability. Here, we identify material and device improvements that allow these blue materials to be more competitive with their red and green cousins. We demonstrate that the addition of a small amount of a Mn dopant improves the photoluminescence efficiency by a factor of 3, an improvement that translates directly to blue and white devices, leading to efficiency and stability enhancements. Finally, we will detail recent measurements into the source of this improvement. 

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