Countdown to Launch: Preparing Perovskite Photovoltaics for Space Use
Joey Luther a
a National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Proceedings of Applied Light-Matter Interactions in Perovskite Semiconductors 2021 (ALMIPS2021)
Online, Spain, 2021 October 5th - 7th
Organizers: Rafael Sánchez Sánchez and Miguel Anaya
Invited Speaker, Joey Luther, presentation 023
Publication date: 23rd September 2021

Perovskite photovoltaics are slated to revolutionize terrestrial power generation by providing a low cost, higher performance alternative to existing technology. Perovskite solar cells also offer distinct advantages for generation of electricity in space due in addition to the properties listed above but also light weight packing, radiation tolerance, better performance under LILT conditions, and more. NREL and NASA recently launched a batch of perovskite solar cells to experience the space environment for a year on the side of the international space station as part of MISSE-15. In this talk I will discuss the design criteria to develop perovskites specifically for space operation. Additional considerations include the device architecture (whether tandem or single junction), packaging, thermal coefficients, radiation testing for various environments, and operation under the solar spectrum AM0. I will discuss in detail radiation interactions with Perovskite absorbers and compare this to traditional semiconductors.


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