Ni-Ti Porous electrodes for electrochemical applications
Nihal Guenani a, Mariam Barawi b, Ignacio J. Villar-García b, Víctor A. de la Peña O´Shea b, Antonio Guerrero a
a Universitat Jaume I, Institute of Advanced Materials (INAM) - Spain, Avinguda de Vicent Sos Baynat, Castelló de la Plana, Spain
b 1 Photoactivated Proceses Unit IMDEA Energy Institute
Poster, Nihal Guenani, 019
Publication date: 7th June 2020

The hydrogen rising economy is demanding active and durable electrocatalysts based on low-cost, earth abundant materials for water electrolysis and other electrochemical applications. Green metallurgy offers the possibility to synthese porous materials for a large number of applications.In this work, Ti and Ni electrodes are prepared from powders under a wide range of conditions and are used as working elecrodes in the oxygen evolution reaction and as counterelectrode in the CO2 reduction reaction. 1 The main purpose of this research project is to develop multiporpose stable electrodes with a high concentration of active sites at the surface that can reduce the reaction overpotential.

We thank financial support by Ministerio de Ciencia, Innovación y Universidades of Spain under project (MAT2016-76892-C3-1-R) and the projects Ra-Phuel (ENE2016-79608-C2-1-R), SOLPAC (ENE2017-89170-R) and FOTOFUEL (ENE2016-82025-REDT). A.G. would like to thank MICINN for a Ramón y Cajal Fellowship (RYC-201416809) and M.B also thanks the Juan de la Cierva Formación Program (FJCI-2016-30567). University Jaume I is also acknowledged for financial support (UJI-B2017-32). Authors also wish to thank to "Comunidad de Madrid" and European Structural Funds for their financial support to FotoArt-CM project (S2018/NMT-4367). Serveis Centrals at UJI (SCIC) are acknowledge for the SEM measurement assistance.

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