Modulating Band Alignment in Mixed Dimensionality 3D/2D Perovskites by Surface Termination Ligand Engineering
Arup Mahata a b, Edoardo Mosconi a, Daniele Meggiolaro a, Filippo De Angelis a b c
a Computational Laboratory for Hybrid/Organic Photovoltaics (CLHYO), Istituto CNR di Scienze e Tecnologie Chimiche “Giulio Natta” (CNR-SCITEC), Italy
b CompuNet, Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia (IIT), Genova, Genova, Italy
c Department of Chemistry, Biology and Biotechnology, University of Perugia, Italy., Via dell' Elce di Sotto, 8, Perugia, Italy
Online Conference
Proceedings of Internet Conference on Theory and Computation of Halide Perovskites (ComPer)
Online, Spain, 2020 September 8th - 9th
Organizers: Giacomo Giorgi and Linn Leppert
Poster, Arup Mahata, 028
Publication date: 4th September 2020
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