Path integral based calculations of electron phase shifts in pulsed laser phase plates
Ton van Leeuwen a, Wouter Verhoeven b, Stefan Kempers a, Nick van Dijk a, Ids van Elk a, Jom Luiten a
a Eindhoven University of Technology, Department of Applied Physics, 5600MB, Eindhoven, Netherlands
b Thermo Fisher Scientific
Proceedings of Electron Beam Spectroscopy for Nanooptics 2021 (EBSN2021)
Online, Spain, 2021 June 14th - 15th
Organizers: Mathieu Kociak and Nahid Talebi
Poster, Ton van Leeuwen, 043
Publication date: 8th June 2021

We present a simple, but powerful framework for the calculation of phase shifts of electrons induced by light fields, as used in laser phase plates. The approach is based on the evaluation of  the quantum mechanical phase of the electron by integrating the relativistic Lagrangian along the path defined by the classical particle trajectory with and without the laser beam present.

The approach does not require the use of a time-averaging approximations (i.e., does not use the ponderomotive quasi-potential). It reproduces the results based on the ponderomotive model in the limit where the ponderomotive potential model is valid, but has a wider range of applicability in electron energy, laser focus and pulse duration.

Furthermore, the approach provides insight in the phase dynamics by separating contributions of the time delay in electron arrival caused by the light field from intrinsic terms.

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