Optoelectronic properties of individual PbS nanosheets
Sedat Dogan a, Thomas Bielewicz a, Christian Klinke a
Invited Speaker, Christian Klinke, presentation 001
Publication date: 27th June 2014


Two-dimensional, solution-processable semiconductor materials are appealing for low-cost electronic applications, such as transistors and solar cells. In the talk I will discuss the synthesis of colloidal lead sulfide nanosheets. The formation mechanism is based on oriented attachment of small nanoparticles. The final structures possess a lateral size of several microns. I will show how their size, shape and height can be tuned by the variation of the synthesis parameters. As a consequence of the adjustability of the nanosheets’ thickness between 2 to more than 20 nm charge carriers are in quantum confinement, which has a decisive impact on their electronic properties. This is demonstrated by their use as conduction channel in field effect transistors. The experiments show that the performance in terms of On current, field-effect mobility, On/Off ratio, and sub-threshold swing is tunable over a large range. Furthermore, I will show the function of individual nanosheets as solar cells.

Illustration of the optoelectronic characterization of one individual colloidal PbS nanosheet.
1) C. Schliehe et al., Science 329 (2010) 550. 2) S. Dogan et al., Appl. Phys. Lett. 101 (2012) 073102. 3) T. Bielewicz et al. (2014) submitted.
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