Upconverting Luminescent Carbon Nanodots
Mari Carmen Ortega-Liébana a, José L Hueso b, Raúl Arenal c, Jesús Santamaría d
a Institute of Nanoscience of Aragon (INA) and Department of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Technology, University of Zaragoza., C/ Mariano Esquillor, s/n. Ed I+D. Campus Río Ebro, 50018, Zaragoza., Spain
b CIBER-Bioengineering, Biomaterials and Nanomedicine, CIBER-BBN, 50018, Zaragoza., Spain
c Advanced Microscopy Laboratory (LMA) and Institute of Nanoscience of Aragon (INA), C/ Mariano Esquillor, s/n. Ed I+D. Campus Río Ebro, 50018, Zaragoza, Spain
d ARAID Foundation, Zaragoza, Spain
Poster, Mari Carmen Ortega-Liébana, 009
Publication date: 10th April 2014

 Luminescent carbon nanodots (CNDs) are newcomers to the world of nanomaterials and have shown great impact in health and environmental applications because of their fascinating photoluminescence and potential to serve as nontoxic replacements for traditional heavy-metals-based quantum dots1. Such nano-materials have been distinguished from traditional fluorescent materials as promising benign candidates for various potential applications including biomedical imaging, photocatalysts, sensors and optoelectronic devices. 

Herein, we present a simple, low-cost and green approach to obtain highly fluorescent CNDs by pyrolysis treatment. Several characterization techniques such as HR-TEM, EELLS, FT-IR, XPS and UV-Vis spectroscopy have shown the production of carbon nanodots with emission ranges from UV to green with high quantum yields and long-term stability. By combining free dispersion in water, size-dependent optical properties, and upconverting properties, CNDs may provide a new type of fluorescent markers as well as a new approach to high-efficiency material design for applications in bioscience and energy technology.




 Haitao Li, Zhenhui Kang, Yang Liu, and Shuit-Tong Lee,  Journal of Materials Chemistry 22 (46), 24230 (2012).

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