Step by Step toward Commercially Available Flexible Perovskite Modules
Tanja Ivanovska a
a Saule Technologies, Mokotowska 1, Warsaw, 00-640, Warszawa, Poland
Proceedings of International Conference on Hybrid and Organic Photovoltaics (HOPV19)
Roma, Italy, 2019 May 12th - 15th
Organizers: Prashant Kamat, Filippo De Angelis and Aldo Di Carlo
Invited Speaker Session, Tanja Ivanovska, presentation 077
Publication date: 11th February 2019

The perovskite solar cell technology has undoubtedly taken the solar cell research community by storm. The overwhelming performance of the perovskite based solar cells, regardless of the device architecture or the specific elemental composition of the organo-metal-halide perovskite absorbers, sparked a natural drive to start looking forward to upscaling and commercialization of this technology despite of its “youth”.

It might come as no surprise that the transition from laboratory to industry has proven challenging. Many issues must be re-developed in order to meet industrialization; among them large area deposition techniques, safety standards and material wastage without compromising efficiency and stability. Thus, a cost-effective, reliable fabrication process capable of delivering highly efficient, large-area perovskite modules is yet to be demonstrated.

Saule technologies has been developing a fully scalable inkjet printing process of perovskite solar cells and modules on flexible substrates. This talk will focus on recent advancements in the technology and the product development process required to bring inkjet printed perovskite modules closer to the commercial use. Moreover, it will underline the unique properties of the inkjet printing technique, the ink formulations and specific post-processing treatments which allow scalable solution-based fabrication of high-quality perovskite films and devices, processed in ambient atmosphere.

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