Scaling thin films with slot-die technology
David Williamson a
a FOM Technologies A/S
Proceedings of 13th Conference on Hybrid and Organic Photovoltaics (HOPV21)
Online, Spain, 2021 May 24th - 28th
Organizers: Marina Freitag, Feng Gao and Sam Stranks
Poster, David Williamson, 179
Publication date: 11th May 2021

Perovskite and organic solar cells must be manufactured via low-cost, high-throughput methods in order to achieve meaningful penetration into the global energy infrastructure in the coming years. Concurrenctly, to achieve suitable performance, these thin film PV devices also require repeatable manufacturing of complex thin film stacks with nanometer-scale thickness, low defect incidence, and large area coverage up to 1 x 2 m for some tandem device formats.

While these requirements are widely understood in the thin film PV research community, conventional lab-scale thin film manufacturing methods (spin coating, blade coating, inkjet printing, etc.) largely fail to satisfy them in their entirety. As a result, there is still critical work that must be done to transition promising small-area device results to scalable large-area manufacturing methods.

Slot-die coating is an established thin film production method with several decades of history in commercial manufacturing of thin film products such as adhesives, capacitors, and Li-ion batteries. It has been shown to satisfy the manufacturing requirements of thin film PV devices, but has typically seen limited lab-scale adoption. This is due to its origin as an industrial manufacturing method, which has made slot-die processes historically challenging and cost-prohibitive to develop at the lab scale.

Over the past decade, FOM Technologies has miniaturized and optimized slot-die technology towards repeatable, scalable R&D of novel thin film coatings and devices. This poster provides an overview of the benefits of slot-die technology compared to other lab-scale thin film production techniques, and explains the fundamentals of coating and scaling on the FOM Technologies lab-scale slot-die platform.

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