Diffusion coefficient in perovskite solar cells obtained from a spiral loop in IMPS
Juan Bisquert a
a Institute of Advanced Materials (INAM), Universitat Jaume I, 12071 Castelló de la Plana, Spain
Proceedings of 13th Conference on Hybrid and Organic Photovoltaics (HOPV21)
Online, Spain, 2021 May 24th - 28th
Organizers: Marina Freitag, Feng Gao and Sam Stranks
Oral, Juan Bisquert, presentation 200
Publication date: 11th May 2021

Measuring the diffusion-recombination parameters in perovskite solar cells by small perturbation frequency methods has not been successful so far. We present a new approach that opens interesting possibilities.  We have associated a negative spiraling loop to Intensity Modulated Photocurrent Spectroscopy (IMPS transfer function at high frequencies to the generation of electronic carriers in a thin region and the subsequent diffusion transport across the sample thickness, up to the collecting contact. This spectrum is obtained from classical diffusion-recombination theory and the negative current at high frequency is quite real. We showed that the application of the method enables a quantitative determination of the carrier diffusion coefficient and lifetime in standard sandwhich cells and also in back contact interdigitated planar perovskite solar cells. This is the first consistent determination of electron diffusion by small amplitude spectral method, since these features have not been obtained in Impedance Spectroscopy and emerge in IMPS.


This is a cooperation with: Agustín Bou, Haralds Āboliņš, Arjun Ashoka, Héctor Cruanyes, Antonio Guerrero, Felix Deschler, Juan Bisquert

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