Synergizing Sunlight Harvesting: Advancements in Electric and Thermal Energy Technologies
Yulia Galagan a
a TNO, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
Invited Speaker, Yulia Galagan, presentation 117
Publication date: 6th February 2024

In the context of climate change mitigation, decarbonizing energy infrastructures underscores the pivotal role of transitioning to renewable energy sources. Important to notice, that approximately half of our energy demand is used for heating or cooling. Therefore effective harvesting and storage of thermal energy is the same as important as energy harvested with photovoltaic.

This presentation explores the synergies between photovoltaic and thermal energy harvesting, emphasizing their complementary nature in realizing the concept of energy-neutral buildings. Recognizing the importance of efficient energy storage, the focus extends to technologies dedicated to storing energy in the form of heat. The discussion delves into the benefits of thermal energy storage, with a particular emphasis on its alignment with the substantial demand for heating. The presentation further outlines a specific business case, illustrating the collection of electric energy through photovoltaics and its storage in the form of heat.

The overarching goal is to broaden the application scope of solar energy, showcasing the potential and perspectives of thermal energy harvesting and storage. By establishing robust connections between diverse energy technologies, the presentation aims to contribute to a holistic understanding of sustainable energy solutions.

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