Controlled growth of hybrid halide perovskites by molecular engineering
Ji-Youn Seo a
a Department of Nano Fusion Technology, Pusan National University, Busan, Korea
Invited Speaker Session, Ji-Youn Seo, presentation 159
Publication date: 6th February 2024

High energy demands of our society stimulate the development of sustainable technologies, such as those based on solar energy conversion or photovoltaics. Perovskite solar cells (PSCs) are an emerging photovoltaic technology that consist of the perovskite film positioned between the electron transport and hole transport layer, while the photovoltaic properties are determined by each component of the structure, as well as the corresponding interfaces. Since 2009, power conversion efficiency of solar cells has already achieved values above 23%. This rapid progress in perovskite solar cell research led to the increased performance and operational stability, which nevertheless remains a challenge towards the commercialization of PSC technologies. In study, new strategies in the design of perovskite solar cells were established based on molecular engineering by addressing perovskite layers with functional analogs. The research objectives focused on two key investigation domains, namely charge recombination in the perovskite grain boundaries or interfaces of perovskite. The investigation of crystal growth mechanism was performed to discover the methods to control the grain size distribution within perovskite films that affects their performance by employing organic functional analogs. The study revealed the crystal growth mechanisms and resulted in the achievement of improving device efficiency and stability.

Keywords: perovskite, crystallization, passivation, molecular engineering, additives, stability


[1] Sun Ju Kim, Ramesh Kumar Chitumalla, Jong‐Min Kim, Joonkyung Jang, Jin‐Woo Oh, Jovana V Milić*, Ji‐Youn Seo*, Helvetica Chimica Acta. (2023), 106, e202200193.

[2] Ji‐Youn Seo, Taisuke Matsui, Jingshan Luo, Juan‐Pablo Correa‐Baena, Fabrizio Giordano, Michael Saliba, Kurt Schenk, Amita Ummadisingu, Konrad Domanski, Mahboubeh Hadadian, Anders Hagfeldt, Shaik M Zakeeruddin, Ullrich Steiner, Michael Grätze*l, Antonio Abate*, Advanced Energy Materials (2016), 6, 1600767

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