Intermediate Phase Engineering of Halide Perovskites for Photovoltaics
Zaiwei Wang a
a Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Toronto, Canada, King's College Road, 10, Toronto, Canada
Proceedings of International Online Conference on Hybrid Materials and Optoelectronic Devices (HYBRIDOE21)
Online, Spain, 2021 December 15th - 17th
Organizers: Jinwei Gao, Hua Yu, Dewei Zhao, Haizheng Zhong, Hairen Tan and Xueqing Xu
Invited Speaker, Zaiwei Wang, presentation 004
Publication date: 3rd December 2021

Metal halide perovskites serving as one of the most promising photovoltaic materials are gaining considerable attention worldwide. For achieving high performance as well as long-term stability of the perovskite solar cells (PSCs), a good quality of perovskite film featuring in smooth, pinhole-free morphology, full coverage over substrates, good heterojunction contacts, and stable photoactive phase, is of great importance. During solution fabrication for perovskite films, intermediate phase, which refers to the state of precursor composition before final annealing, plays essential roles in determining the film quality, especially in the state-of-the-art PSCs. We review the research involving mechanism and applications of intermediate phase engineering (IPE) processes in various solution-processing technologies. Challenges and perspectives of IPE in high-quality perovskite films are further discussed.

Z.W. acknowledges the Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships Program of Canada.

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