Thin film growth and defects manipulation in perovskite for high-performing solar cells
Huanping Zhou a
a School of Materials Science and Engineering, Peking University, No.60 Yannan Yuan, Beijing, China
Proceedings of International Online Conference on Hybrid Materials and Optoelectronic Devices (HYBRIDOE21)
Online, Spain, 2021 December 15th - 17th
Organizers: Jinwei Gao, Hua Yu, Dewei Zhao, Haizheng Zhong, Hairen Tan and Xueqing Xu
Invited Speaker, Huanping Zhou, presentation 027
Publication date: 3rd December 2021

Recently, solution processed hybrid perovskites show intriguing electronic and optoelectronic properties applicable in various device application, and the development of high-quality materials with improved homogeneity and less defects is crucial. In this talk, I mainly focused on the perovskite films growth and defects manipulation, and the construction of efficient and stable photovoltaic devices. Two related aspects are discussed: 1) Develop liquid medium annealing process that leads to the films with high crystallinity, less defects, desired stoichiometry, and overall film homogeneity, resulting in the solar cells with certified efficiency of 22.3% at 1 cm2; 2) Explore defects self-elimination approach, as well as phase evolution approach to fabricate high-efficiency solar cells, with certified efficiency of 24.5% at 0.1 cm2; 3) Propose methods such as "redox ion pair" and "multiple non-covalent bond synergistic effect" to suppress defect pairs in a sustainable way, which greatly improved the long-term stability of perovskite solar cells for over 2000 h under the stressors, e.g. light, heat, and electricity. Corresponding degradation mechanism of hybrid perovskite films and devices under operational conditions are revealed on the molecular and atomic scales.

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