Hybrid Perovskites: An Emerging Class of Highly Tunable Light-Responsive Semiconductors
Tom Wu a
a UNSW Sydney, Samuels Building, Kensington, Australia
Proceedings of International Conference on Perovskite Memristors and Electronics 2021 (ICPME2021)
Online, Spain, 2021 December 13th - 14th
Organizers: Ho Won Jang and Ankur Solanki
Invited Speaker, Tom Wu, presentation 005
DOI: https://doi.org/10.29363/nanoge.icpme.2021.005
Publication date: 1st December 2021

As an emerging class of light-responsive semiconductors, hybrid organo-metal perovskites seamlessly marry the characteristics of organic and inorganic materials. Perovskites have been on the radar screen of material scientists for over a century, before the reign of silicon, but only a decade ago they started receiving a strong wave of renewed interests thanks to their extraordinary photovoltaic performance. The hybrid nature of organo-metal perovskites leads to a unique combination of highly tunable physical properties such as superior visible light absorption, decent charge transport, defect tolerance, solution processing, and even ferroelectric-like polarization. In this talk, I will share our view on the opportunities and challenges of hybrid perovskites and their heterostructures, with a focus on the potential electronic applications. I will discuss an effective strategy towards enhancing the device performance of hybrid perovskites via coupling with low-dimensional materials. We found that combining 3D hybrid perovskites with 1D carbon nanotubes or 2D two-dimensional metal dichalcogenides significantly enhances charge transport and device performance. I will also discuss perovskite-based opto-ion-electronics, with photo-memories as an example, which leverages on highly correlated electrons, ions, and photons in halide perovskites.

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