A completely Solvent free Route for Hybrid Perovskite Film Processing Based on Pressure Treatment of Perovskite Powders – Decoupling Material Synthesis and Film Formation
Nico Leupold a, Maximilian Schulz b, Konstantin Schötz b, Ralf Moos a, Fabian Panzer b
a Functional Materials, University of Bayreuth, Universitätsstraße 30, Bayreuth, 95440, Germany
b Soft Matter Optoelectronics, University of Bayreuth, Germany, Bayreuth, Germany
Proceedings of Interfaces in Organic and Hybrid Thin-Film Optoelectronics (INFORM)
València, Spain, 2019 March 5th - 7th
Organizers: Natalie Stingelin, Henk Bolink and Michele Sessolo
Oral, Fabian Panzer, presentation 028
DOI: https://doi.org/10.29363/nanoge.inform.2019.028
Publication date: 8th January 2019

Even though hybrid perovskites have undergone a remarkable development within the last years, state of the art processing approaches such as solution processing or evaporation suffer from an intrinsically high complexity, as the actual perovskite crystallization and its film processing happen simultaneously and are inextricably interconnected.

Here we present an alternative, entirely dry processing approach, which decouples perovskite crystallization and film formation, by using readily prepared perovskite powders and produce films by appropriate mechanical pressure treatment. We show how a mechanochemical synthesis approach by ball milling allows to produce a wide range of phase pure and exceptionally stable hybrid perovskite powders with a high flexibility in processing and address the impact of milling parameters on the powder properties. Using these powders, we demonstrate how the used pressure and the powder microstructure, i.e. particle size and stoichiometry affect the mechanical stability, compactness and surface roughness of the pressed layers. We further address how specific temperature treatment during the pressing step can improve the properties of the pressed layer, and show their capability to be used in perovskite based optoelectronic devices.

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