Tailored interfaces for the production of renewable fuels and chemicals
María Escudero-Escribano a
a University of Copenhagen, -, copenhaguen, 0, Denmark
Proceedings of International Conference on Frontiers in Electrocatalytic Transformations (INTERECT)
València, Spain, 2021 November 22nd - 23rd
Organizers: Elena Mas Marzá and Ward van der Stam
Invited Speaker, María Escudero-Escribano, presentation 030
DOI: https://doi.org/10.29363/nanoge.interect.2021.030
Publication date: 10th November 2021

Tailoring the structure of the electrochemical interface at the atomic and molecular levels is key for the rational design of new electrocatalysts for renewable energy conversion. Model studies on well-defined interfaces are pivotal to understanding the factors controlling both activity and selectivity in electrocatalysis. This talk will focus on new catalyst materials and engineered interfaces for electrochemical energy conversion. I will discuss structure sensitivity and electrolyte effects for different processes including oxygen and carbon dioxide electrocatalysis.

First, I will present our recent work on self-supported high surface area nanostructured Ir-based networks for the oxygen evolution reaction (OER). These networks show a unique morphology and combine excellent mass activity with promising stability. I will then discuss the role of anions from the electrolyte on Ir nanoparticles for OER. The last part of the talk will highlight the importance of carrying out model studies on Cu-based surfaces to understand structure-properties relations for CO2 and CO reduction. We have investigated the interfacial properties of Cu single-crystalline electrodes in contact with different electrolytes. We have studied the effect of pH, specific anion adsorption, and potential dependence for CO reduction. We show how well-defined studies are essential to understand the structure-function relations and design efficient electrocatalysts for the production of renewable fuels and chemicals.

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