Highly efficient MA-free perovskite solar cells based on multifunctional interface modification
Huan BI a, Qing SHEN a, Shuzi HAYASE a
a Info-Powered Energy System Research Center (i-PERC), The University of Electro-Communications, Japan, 1-5-1 Chofugaoka, Chofu, Tokyo, 182-8585,, Japan
Asia-Pacific International Conference on Perovskite, Organic Photovoltaics and Optoelectronics
Proceedings of Asia-Pacific International Conference on Perovskite, Organic Photovoltaics and Optoelectronics (IPEROP23)
Kobe, Japan, 2023 January 22nd - 24th
Organizers: Seigo Ito, Hideo Ohkita and Atsushi Wakamiya
Poster, Huan BI, 053
Publication date: 21st November 2022

Bulk and interface defects are the culprits of power conversion efficiency (PCE) loss of the perovskite solar cell (PSC)[1,2]. Meanwhile, notorious hysteresis is also an obstacle on the road of PSC's commercialization process. Consequently, it is urgently needed to develop a multifunctional modification strategy to address the above issues. Herein, we report a multifunctional buffer molecule (oteracil potassium, OP) for suppressing hysteresis and passivating defect in stable and efficient methylammonium-free PSC[3]. Experimental and theoretical results prove that multi-functional OP has strong chemical interaction with SnO2 and the perovskite layer. It can not only reduce the oxygen vacancy defects in SnO2 film, but also passivate the under coordinated Pb2+ in perovskite. At the same time, it can significantly inhibit hysteresis. Due to these beneficial effects, the PCE of the OP modified device is over 22%, and the unencapsulated modified device exhibits more excellent humidity stability. This work provides guidance for the development of multifunctional modified molecules for high PCE, stable, and non-hysteresis PSC.

This work was financially supported by the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) Mirai program (JPMJMI17EA).

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