Cu-based electrodes for hydrogen evolution and CO2 reduction reactions
Roser Fernández - Climent a, Camilo A. Mesa a, Sixto Giménez a
a Institute of Advanced Materials (INAM) Universitat Jaume I (UJI) 12006, Castelló de la Plana, Castellón, Spain
Materials for Sustainable Development Conference (MATSUS)
Proceedings of MATSUS23 & Sustainable Technology Forum València (STECH23) (MATSUS23)
#e-FuelSyn - Electrocatalysis for the Production of Fuels and Chemicals
VALÈNCIA, Spain, 2023 March 6th - 10th
Organizers: Carla Casadevall Serrano and Julio Lloret Fillol
Oral, Camilo A. Mesa, presentation 363
Publication date: 22nd December 2022

Electrocatalytic hydrogen production or C-based fuels synthesis via water splitting and  CO2 reduction, respectively, is considered a promising technology to store renewable energy into chemical bonds when using Earth-abundant electrocatalysts. The efficiency of these catalysts does not only depend on the nature of the metal centre, but also on the morphology and crystalline structure. However, chemical and morphological changes in the catalysts take place in operando conditions that are poorly understood.

In this poster, I will present recent advances on the understanding of morphological transformations of Cu-based electrocatalysts for the hydrogen evolution and CO2 oxidation reactions during catalysis and the effect of such transformations in the reactions kinetics. In particular, the effect of morphological transformations on increasing the electrochemically active surface area (ECSA) will be discussed. In this poster, I will show that such increase in the ECSA is found to increase the efficiency of the catalyst noting this work is performed in mild pH conditions. 

The authors thank support from the projects (RED2018-102459-T, PID2020-116093RB-C41; PID2020-116093RB-C42 and PID2020-116093RB-C43), funded by MCIN/ AEI/10.13039/501100011033/. C.A.M. acknowledges funding from UJI postdoc fellowship POSDOC/2019/20 and the Generalitat Valenciana for the APOSTD/2021/251 fellowship

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