Controlling the Surface of Metal Phosphide Quantum Dots: Reaction Chemistry, Growth and Optical Properties
Fabien Delpech a
a Laboratoire de Physique et Chimie des Nano-Objets (LPCNO), University of Toulouse - INSA - CNRS
nanoGe Fall Meeting
Proceedings of nanoGe Fall Meeting19 (NFM19)
#NCFun19. Fundamental Processes in Semiconductor Nanocrystals
Berlin, Germany, 2019 November 3rd - 8th
Organizers: Ivan Infante and Jonathan Owen
Invited Speaker, Fabien Delpech, presentation 446
Publication date: 18th July 2019

Indium phosphide quantum dots are excellent candidates for replacing the toxic and widely-used cadmium-based QDs. Analyses of InP properties show that in contrast to their CdSe analogues, InP QDs suffer from a high oxophilicity. This makes the synthesis of pristine InP QDs and the control over their surface chemistry and optical properties challenging. In my presentation, I will highlight our work on the influence of oxidation and our efforts to overcome this issue by studying the reaction mechanism. Finally, taking advantage of the lessons learned with InP, I will show that the synthesis of high-quality zinc phosphide QDs displaying significant surface-controlled optical properties can be achieved. In both cases, the reaction chemistry of the ligands and its influence on the nanocrystal surface chemistry will be emphasized.

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