Tailoring the 2D Materials Properties for Energy Applications through the Manipulation of Soft Acoustic Phonons
Giovanna D'Angelo a
a Department of Mathematical and Computational Sciences, Physics and Earth Sciences, University of Messina, V. le F. Stagno d’Alcontres 31, Messina 98166, Italy
nanoGe Fall Meeting
Proceedings of Materials for Sustainable Development Conference (MAT-SUS) (NFM22)
#2DNanoMat - 2D Nanomaterials for Energy and Environmental Applications
Barcelona, Spain, 2022 October 24th - 28th
Organizers: Mónica Lira-Cantú and Jordi Arbiol
Invited Speaker, Giovanna D'Angelo, presentation 260
DOI: https://doi.org/10.29363/nanoge.nfm.2022.260
Publication date: 11th July 2022

Phonons describe the collective vibrations of atoms in solids and through electron-phonon or exciton-phonon couplings influence the light-matter interaction and the transport properties. The coupling between electrons and phonons exhibits singular characteristics in 2D materials compared with their three-dimensional counterparts. Its understanding can give the possibility for manipulating physical properties, promoting the development of novel features and optimizing device design.

I will present a description of low energy phonons in 2D transition metal chalcogenides and perovskites and their role in several properties of technological relevance: charge carrier mobilities, elastic response and thermal conductivity.

In my talk, low temperature specific heat, thermal conductivity and elastic moduli will be considered as non-conventional reporters of the soft phonons tuning functional properties of 2D materials.Furthermore, the influence of impurities, lattice distortions, anharmonicity and disorder will be discussed relating the lattice soft vibrations to the chemical bonding in the structure and highlighting the analogies with glassy materials.

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