Development of a 3D printed flow platform for the synthesis of perovskite single crystals
Diego Iglesias a, Victor Sans a
a Institute of Advanced Materials (INAM), Universitat Jaume I, Avda Sos Baynat s/n, 12071, Castellón, Spain
nanoGe Fall Meeting
Proceedings of Materials for Sustainable Development Conference (MAT-SUS) (NFM22)
#STAPOS - Stability of perovskite and organic solar cells
Barcelona, Spain, 2022 October 24th - 28th
Organizers: Carsten Deibel and Qiong Wang
Poster, Diego Iglesias, 350
Publication date: 11th July 2022

During the recent years, the interest in organic-inorganic perovskites for the development of photovoltaic materials has notably risen. These materials stand out due to their highly tunable properties depending on the chemical composition and the ease of synthesis in mild conditions employing solutions. Perovskite-based solar cells have reached efficiencies up to 24% [1], turning them into an alternative to silicon and a highly interesting topic in the development of renewable energies.

Classically, perovskite-based photovoltaic devices have employed layers composed of nanocrystals, however, the grain boundaries impose a limit to their maximum efficiency. Single crystals are proposed as a solution to this problem, but their synthesis raises new challenges due to lack of control during crystallization.

The development of an automated flow platforms aims to enhance the reproducibility of the process and, therefore, reduce the resources consumption. The proposed system is based in the Inverse Temperature Crystallization (ITC) technique [2]. This allows to obtain single crystals in a faster fashion than using classical crystallization techniques, a few hours instead of days, and without the need of additional materials like antisolvents. The central body of the system is manufactured employing 3D printing, the material used in the fabrication allows to have improved nucleation control.

Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación of Spain (PID2020-119628RB-C33) 

Generalitat Valenciana (CIDEGENT/2018/036)

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