Magneto-Ionics: Advancing Non-Volatile Control of Magnetic Properties for Spintronics Applications
Liza Herrera Diez a
a Centre de Nanosciences et de Nanotechnologies, CNRS-Université Paris-Saclay, Palaiseau, France
Proceedings of Neuronics Conference (Neuronics)
València, Spain, 2024 February 21st - 23rd
Organizers: Sabina Spiga and Juan Bisquert
Invited Speaker, Liza Herrera Diez, presentation 012
Publication date: 18th December 2023

The exploration of magnetic property manipulation through ionic motion in ferromagnetic/oxide structures has emerged as a promising avenue for non-volatile control of magnetism in spintronics devices. This concept unlocks new possibilities, such as the development of reconfigurable multistate memories and the incorporation of cumulative gate effects. Inspired by memristor technologies, oxygen-based magneto-ionics stands out as a cutting-edge approach, providing an advanced framework for influencing magnetic properties through ionics.

In this presentation I will provide an overview of this exciting field, and a description of the underlying physical-chemical mechanisms at play. I will also show in detail our work [1-4] on CoFeB/oxide systems, particularly Ta/CoFeB/HfO2, where ionic gating induces the migration of oxygen-rich species within the stack. This migration results in distinct magneto-ionic regimes characterized by varying degrees of oxygen content, thereby allowing precise control over the oxidation state of magnetic layers—ranging from under-oxidized to optimally oxidized to over-oxidized. Notably, these different magneto-ionic regimes give rise to diverse spin-reorientation transitions, showing varying degrees of reversibility. In addtion, I will also discuss our recent efforts in designing artificial synaptic elements using magneto-ionic devices based on CoFeB/HfO2

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