On-chip learning with organic neuromorphic systems
Yoeri van de Burgt a
a Institute for Complex Molecular Systems, Eindhoven University of Technology, NL, Den Dolech 2, 5600 MB, Eindhoven, NL, Netherlands
Proceedings of Neuronics Conference (Neuronics)
València, Spain, 2024 February 21st - 23rd
Organizers: Sabina Spiga and Juan Bisquert
Invited Speaker, Yoeri van de Burgt, presentation 024
Publication date: 18th December 2023

This talk describes state-of-the-art organic neuromorphic devices and provides an overview of the current challenges in the field and attempts to address them. I demonstrate two device concepts based on novel organic mixed-ionic electronic materials and show how we can use these devices in trainable biosensors and smart autonomous robotics.

Next to that, the process of neural network training can be slow and energy-expensive due to the transfer of weight data between digital memory and processor chips. Neuromorphic systems can accelerate neural networks by performing multiply-accumulate operations in parallel using non-volatile analogue memory. However, the backpropagation training algorithm in multi-layer (deep) neural networks requires information - and thus storage - on the partial derivatives of the weight values, preventing easy implementation in hardware.

In this talk I will highlight a novel hardware implementation of the well-established backpropagation algorithm that progressively updates each layer using in situ stochastic gradient descent, thus avoiding this storage requirement. We experimentally demonstrate the in situ error calculation and the proposed progressive backpropagation method using a multi-layer hardware implemented neural network based on organic EC-RAM, and confirm identical learning characteristics and classification performance compared to conventional backpropagation in software.

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