Metal Halide Perovskite Photovoltaics: Efficiency, Stability and Fundamental Understanding
Henry Snaith a
a University of Oxford, Clarendon Laboratory, Parks rd, Oxford, 0, United Kingdom
Proceedings of Online Conference on Perovskites for Energy Harvesting: From Fundamentals to Devices (PERENHAR)
Online, Spain, 2020 November 19th - 20th
Organizers: Dinesh Kabra, Sandheep Ravishankar, Angshuman Nag and Priya Mahadevan
Keynote, Henry Snaith, presentation 051
Publication date: 2nd November 2020

Metal halide perovskites have a key advantage of having tuneable optical and electronic properties and possess the ability to deliver very high quality semiconductor materials with a range of band gaps. This opens the possibility of creating multi-junction PV cells which have the capacity to delivering efficiencies far beyond single junction PV technologies. However, when the band gap is tuned, new problems arise with respect to minimising performance limiting defects and selection of  idea semiconductors with which to interface the perovskite, for low loss charge extraction and high long term stability. Here, I will present work on perovskite-on-silicon and perovskite-on-perovskite multi-junction cells, efforts upon understanding and improving the long term stability and work upon understanding fundamental processes occurring in these materials and devices.

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