Dimensionality Tuning of Hybrid Perovskites
Aswani Yella a
a IIT Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, India, Powai, Mumbai, Mumbai, India
Proceedings of Online Conference on Perovskites for Energy Harvesting: From Fundamentals to Devices (PERENHAR)
Online, Spain, 2020 November 19th - 20th
Organizers: Dinesh Kabra, Sandheep Ravishankar, Angshuman Nag and Priya Mahadevan
Invited Speaker, Aswani Yella, presentation 056
Publication date: 2nd November 2020

Hybrid perovskites have attracted much attention as a promising photovoltaic material in the past few years. Typically these hybrid perovskites like methyl ammonium lead halides (MAPbX3) undergo dimensionality reduction from 3-D to 0-D and finally to PbX2 upon continuous moisture exposure. In the talk I will be showing that 0-D perovskite related structures exhibit reversible transformation from transparent state to colored 3-D state upon exposure to humidity. Fluorescence imaging of individual microcrystals revealed that the structural phase transition could be visualized in solid state, where in the shape of the crystals transform to cubic crystals. The thermal and the moisture stability were found to be greatly enhanced in the transformed 3-D perovskite. Excellent device stability was also demonstrated when the devices were kept under moist (~70 %RH) conditions.

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