Bulk heterojunctions in all-inorganic and hybrid nanocrystal solar cells
Gerasimos Konstantatos a
a ICFO-Institut de Ciencies Fotoniques, The Barcelona Institute of Science and Technology, Avinguda Carl Friedrich Gauss, 3, Castelldefels, Spain
Invited Speaker, Gerasimos Konstantatos, presentation 027
Publication date: 1st April 2013

Solution processed quantum dot (QD) / nanocrystal (NC) solar cells have emerged in the last decade as a very promising technology for third-generation thin film photovoltaics due to their low cost and high energy harnessing potential. A variety of quantum dot solar cell architectures have been developed, relying on the employment of planar heterojunctions of colloidal quantum dots and n-type oxide semiconductors or Schottky architectures. This has limited the material availability to nanomaterials that exhibit the favorable property of long carrier lifetime evidenced in Pb-based quantum dots. Here we introduce the bulk nano-heterojunction (BNH) concept for inorganic solution processed semiconductors as a novel architecture for efficient solution-processed solar cells. This architectural platform can be readily implemented by mixing different semiconductor nanocrystals in solution and allows for the development of optoelectronic nanocomposite materials with improved optoelectronic properties related to the performance of solar cells. Photogenerated carrier separation at the nanoscale leads to suppressed recombination and boost of the extraction of photogenerated carriers. We present BNH solar cells based on n-type Bi2S3 NCs and p-type PbS QDs showing an over 3-fold improvement in device performance compared to their bilayer analogue. We then employ this archotecture to other material combinations including polymer-Bi2S3 nanocrystals towards environmentally friendly polymer-nanocrystal solar cells as well as in PbS-ZnO bulk heterojunctions. In the latter case preliminary results point to higher Voc attainable in this system of 0.7 V for PbS QDs with bandgap at 1.2 eV.

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