Semiconductors, Electrocatalysts, and Interfaces in Solar Water Splitting
Shannon Boettcher a
a Department of Chemistry and the Center for Sustainable Materials Chemistry, University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregón, EE. UU., Eugene, United States
Invited Speaker, Shannon Boettcher, presentation 002
Publication date: 31st March 2013

Water-splitting requires interfacing high-quality semiconductors that absorb sunlight with efficient electrocatalysts that facilitate multi-electron fuel-forming reactions. I will present our recent progress at the University of Oregon in (1) developing low-cost, scalable, atmospheric-pressure vapor-transport routes to deposit high-quality III-V semiconductor light-absorbers, (2) understanding and optimizing oxygen-evolution electrocatalyst films of multi-component first-row transition metal oxides and hydroxides, and (3) using theory, simulation, and direct electrical measurements to describe the critical details of charge transport across electrocatalyst-semiconductor interfaces.

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