Ultrafast-Electron-Transfer Enabled Ag@AgCl Hollow Cage Plasmonic Photocatalyst
Zhelong Jiang a, Yuxin Tang a, Zhong Chen a
a NTU Singapore - Nanyang Technological University, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Nanyang Avenue, 50, Singapore, Singapore
Poster, Zhelong Jiang, 011
Publication date: 31st March 2013

Photon-coupling and electron dynamics are the key processes leading to the photocatalytic activity of plasmonic metal-semiconductor nanohybrid. To better utilize and explore these effects, a facile large-scale synthesis route to form Ag@AgCl cubic cages with well-defined hollow interiors is prepared using water soluble sacrificial salt-crystal-template process. Theoretical calculations as well as experimental probing on the electron transfer process are used as an effort to gain insight into the underlying plasmonic properties of the Ag@AgCl materials. Efficient utilization of solar energy to create electron-hole pairs is attributed to the significant light confinement and enhancement around the Ag/AgCl interfacial plasmon hot spots and multi-light-reflection inside the cage structure. More importantly, an ultrafast electron transfer process (≤ 150 fs) from Ag nanoparticles to AgCl surface is detected, which facilitates charge separation efficiency in this system, contributing to a highly photocatalytic activity and stability of Ag@AgCl photocatalyst towards organic dye degradation. Understanding of these fundamental processes gives implication on how the plasmonic effect is linked with photocatalytic activity.

Tang, Y.; Jiang, Z.; Xing, G.; Li, A.; Kanhere, P. D.; Zhang, Y.; Sum, T. C.; Li, S.; Chen, X.; Dong, Z.; Chen, Z. Efficient Ag@AgCl Cubic Cage Photocatalysts Profit from Ultrafast Plasmon-Induced Electron Transfer Processes. Advanced Functional Materials, DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201203379.
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