Synthesis of Small Ag-Sb-Te Nanocrystals
Annina Moser a, Olesya Yarema a, Maksym Yarema a, Vanessa Wood a
Online Conference
Proceedings of Internet Conference for Quantum Dots (iCQD)
Online, Spain, 2020 July 14th - 17th
Organizers: Quinten Akkerman, Raffaella Buonsanti, Zeger Hens and Maksym Kovalenko
Poster, Annina Moser, 095
Publication date: 3rd July 2020

Ternary telluride nanocrystals have gained increasing interest as materials for thermoelectric, optoelectronic, and phase-change memory applications. Synthetic approaches for colloidal multicomponent tellurides however remain sparse. Here, we report a convenient, amide-promoted synthesis for Ag-Sb-Te nanocrystals with small sizes and narrow size distributions (e.g., nanocrystal diameters of 3.5 ± 0.8 nm). We focus on achieving composition control for Ag-Sb-Te nanocrystals by adjusting the ratio of cationic precursors and find a broad solid solution range for AgxSb1-xTe1.5-x nanocrystals (x is from 0.3 and 0.6), which extends beyond that measured in Ag-Sb-Te thin films. The ability to produce size- and composition-controlled Ag-Sb-Te nanocrystals is a first step in achieving bottom-up assembled Ag-Sb-Te semiconductors for device applications.

This work is funded by the Swiss National Science foundation via a research grant (No. 175889), the NCCR "QSIT – Quantum Science and Technology", and an Ambizione Fellowship (No. 161249). TEM and EDX measurements were performed at the Scientific Center for Optical and Electron Microscopy (ScopeM) of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology.

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