Following an environmentally-friendly initiative, HOPV20 adapts to new ways of diffusion and converts traditional Poster Session into an ePoster Session

What is an ePoster?

ePoster is the digital version of traditional posters of a case study. There will be a specific section on the conference website with all the ePosters, available only for the conference participants.

Each ePoster will be also presented through a Flash Talk during the ePoster Session. Extended discussions and close conversations about the ePosters presented will take place in different meeting points onsite.


When will it will be?

ePoster Sessions are scheduled on July 6th and 7th from 4:30 pm. Flash Talks will be scheduled from 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm on those days.

Participation on the ePoster Session



For participating on an ePoster Session you have to complete the following steps:


1.Abstract submission

Participants interested on presenting an ePoster must submit an abstract for the poster in the usual abstract submission process, including a Table of Contents graphic (TOC). The TOC* graphic is mandatory for ePoster and it is highly recommended as well, if your abstract is accepted as an oral.

*(TOC graphic is an illustration that describes your overall work. Format: The width of the image is 16:9. It cannot exceed 1MB size. The supported formats are JPG and PNG).

Once the abstract is accepted as ePoster by the Conference Secretariat you will receive the acceptance email, authors will be requested to prepare the ePoster and presentation material for the ePoster.

2.ePoster submission

Once you receive the acceptance email authors will be able to submit the ePoster.

ePoster is a digital poster of a case study. Only PDF files are supported. It is recommended to use a presentation program and export the file to PDF.

3.Flash Talk

Participants will have to defend their ePosters in a 3-minute presentation called Flash Talk.

Participants should prepare a three-slides presentation of the ePoster for the Flash Talk. The presentation must be PDF format and will be named according to the following pattern: “number of poster_presenter surname”. Conference Secretariat will collect the presentations during the conference registration on 5th July and no later than that.

There will be 3 different Flash Talk Points set up with a stage, a screen, microphone and a projector.

Conference Secretariat will notify you in advance the day, time and room of your Flash Talk.

For a smooth ePoster session, time for each presentation will be respected strictly.


Discussion Spaces

Each Flash Talk Point is assigned to a Meeting Point for later discussion. Presenters are requested to remain at the Meeting Point assigned after the Flash Talk and until the end of ePoster session. Presenters must bring their laptop to extend the discussion by showing their ePoster at any time.

The ePoster Session will be on Monday, July 6th and Tuesday, July 7th from 4:30 p.m. until closing. At this time, Flash Talks and discussions will be held at the reserved halls, specifically, in the enabled meeting points. Simultaneously, Twitter ePoster Conference will take place on Twitter. 

The instructions for this virtual discussion will be forwarded few weeks before the conference.

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