0. How can I create a nanoge profile?

You’ll need to create one to register at the conferences. You can register using the below link.


Remember that all the mandatory fields need to be filled to create the account. This is your presentation card to the nanoGe community, fill as much information as possible and add your picture.


1. I forgot my password

You need to log into your personal nanoGe account to follow the conference. If you cannot remember your password, you can access the below link to create a new one.



2. I cannot view the contents of the conference.

You need to register at the conference to access and view the full contents. You can register in the Conference Home by clicking in the ‘Registration’ button.

Once the payment has gone through you’ll be able to access everything.

3. ‘Tickets are sold out’ appear on my screen when I try to register at the conference.

Try to use a different browser. If the problem persists, please email us.


4. How can I download the proforma?

The proforma can be downloaded from your Personal Dashboard after you’ve started the registration at the Conference.


5. The payment transaction gives error.


In some countries the credit card payment gives error. Please try to pay via Bank Transfer or Paypal.

6. I want to change the details of my proforma invoice.

You need to access your personal dashboard and edit the correct details. This will be automatically changed onto the proforma.

7. I haven’t finished the payment, but I’ve registered at the conference. Can I watch it?


The system automatically deletes the unpaid profiles from the system. You will however receive an automatic email warning you one day before this happens.

8. How can I obtain the invoice of my payment?

The proforma can be downloaded from your Personal Dashboard after you’ve started the registration at the Conference.

9. I cannot submit my work.

Most of the times this is due to the images you’re attaching are too large or too small. Please check the specific instructions and amend them accordingly.

The cause of error can also be that you’re selecting an Institution from the list which does not have a country associated. Please always select the Institution which also shows an address.

10. I’ve missed the deadline to submit my work. Can I still submit it?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept work submissions after the set deadline.


11. I cannot view the Virtual Room and I’ve registered for the conference.


The Virtual Room opens to the users 24 hours prior to the starting date of the conference and it’s only available for registered users.


12. The conference website is loading very slowly. Is there a solution?


The conference platform highly recommends Google Chrome or Firefox as the preferred browser. If you are experiencing above average loading time (1 min or more), we suggest switching over to one of those search engines.


13. The conference is frozen since we came back from the break.


Please refresh your search engine.


14. Will the conferences be recorded and uploaded afterwards?


Yes, we record all the conferences and upload the videos at the conference home for two weeks after the conference finishes.

15. I would like to re-watch a session. Where do I go?

If you go back to the session on the Virtual Platform, the recorded session should be embedded into the website. Please make sure the volume within the video is turned on.


16. I can't attend a session due to scheduling conflicts. Will I still be able to watch the presentation afterwards?


Yes! All our sessions will be recorded and available on-demand after the conference finish for two weeks. Please feel free to go back and watch all our sessions at your convenience.


17. I’m watching the recorded conference but one speaker is missing.

To upload the videos with the talk the speaker need to authorize us and sometimes they don’t agree to do so.


18. My company/country has restricted Zoom usage. Will I be able to still attend the conference?

Yes! All the videos are embedded into the website with Vimeo so as long as you have a nanoGe account, you'll be able to view any of our sessions. The only restriction you might face is limited participation in Networking Lounges and private 1-on-1 meetings with other attendees. Since Zoom needs access to your camera and microphone, company restrictions may limit your ability to participate via audio or video.


19. My company/country has restricted Vimeo usage. Will I be able to still attend the conference?

Yes, please get in touch with us beforehand at office@scito.org so we can help you.

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