Hyperion a bright future for solar simulators: The Greatcell Solar Italia way
Luca Sorbello a
a Greatcell Solar, 28 Faunce St, Queanbeyan, Australia
Asia-Pacific International Conference on Perovskite, Organic Photovoltaics and Optoelectronics
Proceedings of Asia-Pacific International Conference on Perovskite, Organic Photovoltaics and Optoelectronics (IPEROP20)
Tsukuba-shi, Japan, 2020 January 20th - 22nd
Organizers: Michio Kondo and Takurou Murakami
Industry, Luca Sorbello, presentation 061
DOI: https://doi.org/10.29363/nanoge.iperop.2020.061
Publication date: 14th October 2019

In the last decades to reproduce an AM1.5G spectrum, matching the A class, scientists were practically obliged to use expensive solar simulators mounting complex optics and using xenon arc bulbs as light sources. Such light source has multiple disadvantages and to this day spare bulbs are still quite expensive and with a limited life time (1000 h-1500 h) that make such technology not worth for long life testing, large area spot or frequent switching on and off.

In the last 5 years LED technology improved drastically and in the face of a constant improvement in quality, reliability and an increase in radiant power, a remarkable reduction in prices was observed, especially concerning critical bandwidth as the ones between 350 nm and 400 nm and the between 700 nm and 1100 nm. These allowed a very fast development of high efficient, long life, stable but expensive Solar Simulators based on LEDs technology.

Greatcell Solar Hyperion is, without doubts, a breakthrough on LED Solar simulators technology as it assures a high reliability, high accuracy and long life (>15000 h) at a very competitive price. Greatcell Solar Hyperion matches triple A+ class, respecting the most stringent international standards, over 16 cm X 16 cm spot (making it compatible i.e. with standard C-Si solar cells) and a triple A class over 22 cm X 22 cm illumination area, making it suitable to test multiple small and large areas devices.

Thanks to the innovative concept of Greatcell Solar Hyperion, it was possible to contain electrical consumption keeping the latter below a remarkable value of 600 W/h. Furthermore, through a dedicated driving software, it is possible to customise Hyperion spectrum modifying individually each one of the 20 LED families mounted. Greatcell Solar Hyperion LED solar simulator is was conceived as a modular structure, this opens the possibility to expand the illumination spot to host much larger substrates respect standard lab ones.

Greatcell Solar Hyperion can surely be considered a unique sun light emulator, capable to reproduce solar spectrum in a very faithful way as never done before with traditional xenon arc lamps sun simulators.

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