TCI industry talk
Taro Tanabe a
a TCI Chemicals
Industry, Taro Tanabe, presentation 068
Publication date: 14th October 2019

TCI, Tokyo Chemical Industry, is a proud sponsor of this conference. Since its founding in 1946, TCI’s philosophy has been to "Serve Society through Chemical Reagents." After 73 years of business, TCI offers more than 30,000 quality reagents on a global scale. In recent years, the business has grown to the manufacture of fine chemicals for use in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, electronics, sustainability, and other industries.

Consistent with the belief that chemistry is key to the advancement of society, TCI’s aim is to provide an expanding library of valuable research products while reaching the highest levels of quality and service. You can order TCI products anytime, anywhere in the world.

For materials science research field, TCI provides high quality organic materials, perovskite precursors, etc. You can realize high performance and reproducibility of your scientific data with our materials. You can find TCI’s unique products that no other chemical company provides. Please visit our catalog and website to find quality, variety and a difference.

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